The most popular adult 3DCG game [neet to tenshi to ecchina kazoku] is explained thoroughly.

にーとと天使とえっちな家族サムネ adult-game

Hello, this is Dorbene, and I’ll be introducing the popular 3DCG game “neet to tenshi to ecchina kazoku”, and delving into the charm of each of the characters that fascinate fans.

This game begins with an encounter with Archangel [Sakurako], who descended to the main character in a state of two. This angel is quite cute, but unfortunately it doesn’t lead to the erotic scene with Sakurako.

In this game, the target is three people. She is a single mother and her daughter, Shizue, the oldest daughter, Rina, and the second daughter, Riko, a devil.

Somehow, a life with a certain family starts…

The main character and three Kawase family members have been used as a model case for the plan to escape from the NEET that Archangel [Sakurako] is trying to implement! In an effort to rehabilitate Nito, she works hard at various skinships with her roommate’s mother and daughter, and earns the funds necessary for her ultimate goal of getting laid.By exploring the city and talking in the house, you can raise the sensitivity of the woman you want to capture and continue to date and have sex with her.


Junior high school daughter 【Rina】


Height 5 feet 3 inches

BWH measurements  B82・W58・H84

Favorite thing  Creamy chestnut cake

The blowjob given by the innocent Rina is the best. There is shame, and suddenly the excitement is so great. If you’re just starting out, this is the place to start.

A neet and his daughter date after date, and each time their naughty relationship gets better and better. The scene where he pokes her with a blowjob and the back in the Ferris wheel is full of excitement and is a great extraction point.

There are various sexual positions, and not only normal position but also back, cowgirl position and standing missionary are available. You can do it in and out of the body many times in various positions. She’s the ideal girl to fulfill all of the protagonist’s wishes in an unassuming high school setting.

Sex with 【Shizue】


Height 5 feet 2 inches

BWH measurements   B88・W63・H87

Favorite thing Alcohol.

Mother, Shizue, is skeptical of the protagonist, but once she’s raised her likability level to some extent, she goes all out. If the protagonist asks for a blowjob, he will aggressively suck it.

Shizue has a lot of volume in her tits, and she’s chubby and slightly more chubby than her daughter. It has a fleshy feel that I’m sure will feel good when I hold it. Basically, she has sex with her mother in the same situation as her daughter, so she can enjoy it while comparing it to her daughter.

In the festival scene, Shizue appears in a yukata, but of course the yukata makes me moe. The sight of the yukata coming off while wearing a kimono is very exciting. It’s a recommended scene, so please be sure to skip it.

Little Devil Girl 【Riko】


Height 4 feet 7 inches

BWH measurements B65・W53・H70

Favorite thing hamburger steak.

Riko, the younger sister who doesn’t have very good feelings for the protagonist, has the most difficulty of the three in bringing it to an erotic turn of events.

It’s a development that causes the protagonist to have favorable feelings for him, but it’s also petty and devilish. But the harder it gets to this point, the more difficult it is, the more it burns. Let’s aim to complete the final goal of the three parent and child humiliation complete, even if we have to use every hand to drop it.